Putting Healthcare decisions back into your hands

Certified In:

-Cold Laser

-Brilliant Learning Methodology

-One-on-one RightSleep Method Training

-Graduated from PT School in 1990

Are you or your child struggling with your health? Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you feel like no one is " manning the ship".  Let me help empower you to obtaining better health and consequently a more joyful life. 




You've heard people say they "know how you feel", but how could they possibly know if they haven't lived it? I've lived it. My family has lived it. I do know what it feels like, when you think things are hopeless and you need someone to tell you there's an answer.


There are answers for your struggles. Let me help you get to the other side.

Read about our family's story and our journey towards healing in my short book, You've Been Called, currently available on Amazon.  Its a tiney little book  because if you're sick or taking care of someone who is you don't have time to read, But, we all have time for hope. 


A message from Suzanne:

 Why post a book on my own site, written by me?  Because the hardest part of learning to help someone else, and myself, was learning about how to get out of my own way.  The book may not be for everyone, as I am brutally honest about our journey.  But for those who are tired of going it alone, it's here for you.  

Private Consultation for YOUR Health Needs

Healthcare/Wellness consultations with customized written report based on client's medical concerns (for your primary physician's consideration). All medical recommendations are evidence based on current literature review.


Continued ongoing support through your healing journey.

Integration of primitive reflexes with QRI cold laser modality.

Step-by-step instructions for the Gominak SleepRight Method.




Private Consultation Upon Request 

Milwaukee Hours SUN-SAT 5PM-10PM

Chicago Hours THR 10AM-2PM



Two locations:


150 East Huron Street Suite 1104 Chicago, IL 60611 

 Greater Milwaukee area-upon request







150 East Huron Street Suite 1104 Chicago, IL 60611 and Greater Milwaukee area

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